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Fashion Trends That Never Make a Comeback

Playing around with apparel, making new patterns and finding new looks and methods for wearing things has gradually made mold something of a work of art. In spite of the fact that there are some mold slants that have persevered through, for example, an all around fitted match of denim pants and the little dark dress, there are some design things that truly need to remain away. Here they are (do whatever it takes not to recoil):

Men tying sweaters around their necks

Famous in the 80s and mid 90s, this style had men putting a (normally pastel-shaded) sweater over their shoulders and afterward tying the arms of the sweater over their trunk. This one gets a major no, unless you need to resemble a preppy nation club pretender with no mold sense. Either wear the sweater, or get rid of it – there is no in the middle.

Baggy jeans

Yes, similar to the ones you saw Eminem wearing in his first music video. The ones that are so loose, you are left considering how on earth these men aren’t strolling with their jeans around their lower legs. Also, how about we not overlook the chains dangling in favor of these pants. Denims aren’t the main guilty party of this shocking 90s prevailing fashion; loose khaki and armed force jeans were extremely popular as well. Which drives us to…

Army / camo prints

In the mid-90s, women were walking around channelling their inner female soldier spirit animal. The result was really tight tops and t-shirts in army prints, baggy pants in khaki prints… we won’t go on, because the mental image is just too painful. Wearing camo prints meant that you never needed a stain remover product because another spill just looked like another blotch on your ‘badass’ outfit.

Trucker caps

These were all the rage in the early 2000s. Why? We’ll never know. Maybe men (and women alike) were trying to look like they could bust a rhyme at any given time, or take a giant 18-wheeler for a spin? Studded, and usually with loud logos on them, trucker caps didn’t make anyone look as cool as they felt, trust us!

Jelly Babies

We’re sure that you hung your head in shame after you read that. Yes, jelly babies – and we’re not talking about the sweets. We’re talking about those transparent, clunky shoes that have all been buried somewhere in the 90s where they need to firmly stay. Forever.

Platform shoes

The ones that make you look and feel like you are standing on a really, really tall block of plastic. Yes, you were trying to look like a Spice Girl – but these ankle breakers are best left exactly where they came from – gone and buried in the 90s, just like the Spice Girls’ careers. (No offence intended – all girls loved the Spice Girls back then! Girl power!)

Jeans with the waistband cut off

Yup, so that the only thing holding the jeans up was the zip. The waistband was put there for a reason! Mariah Carey loved this trend. Worn with only a triangle bikini top, of course.


Tie-dye anything. For some reason, this fashion trend came back from the 60s and splashed itself in an array of faded colours all over the laid-back 90s ‘fashionistas’. If you ever see tie-dye, grab a good liquid detergent and stain remover and try restore that garment back to plain white – or at least one colour, like it should be.

Sports-chic anything

Don’t look like you’re going to gym, unless you’re actually going to gym.

Neckties as belts

People actually did this. Do people even wear actual belts anymore?

Super shiny disco-style halter tops

These ones came in the style of a handkerchief. Celebs such as Tara Reid and particularly Sarah Michelle Gellar used to love these tops. Nope. Just nope.

Wearing a dress with jeans

Preferably with bellbottom denims. Another firm nope.

Velvet tracksuits

Unless you’re Snooki from Jersey Shore, and still living in the early 2000s, this is an absolute no-go. Wearing a velvet tracksuit screams trashy.

Pedal pushers

These pants had the potential to be well-fitted and amazing, but instead they made the best body look like it came with a horrible pair of legs. Pedal pushers often came in camo or khaki colours. Lovely! (Note the sarcasm).

There you have a list of some of the most cringe-worthy fashion trends of the last few decades. Let’s hope that they stay exactly where they came from, and that we can carry on enjoying all of the gorgeous fashion that adorns our runways today. But who knows? You may just be reading a list like this about our current fashion in the not-too-distant future.