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Category Archives: Fashion

Vintage Fashion

“Vintage” presents to us a particular memory of a time, which was very improved with a dissimilar form explanation and a dynamic way of life, overflowing appeal and elegance from its extremely presence. Mold was constantly considered as a dynamic and continually changing procedure and it hold an indication of the time it has a place with. Every single day we are being acquainted with another pattern and it is somewhat advancing toward our souls. Also, on the off chance that they are great, which they in the end are, they are turning out to be altogether across the board by assuming up a huge position in the form business. The idea of design is entirely normal towards us as from an early time individuals, rather women are very tenacious and vigorous in making themselves more excellent than they as of now are with immaculate reverence and love. It doesn’t generally sexual orientation particular in light of the fact that occasionally we get astounding cases of mold adornments or outfits for men also. We are very mindful of the way that style does not have anything to do with an outfit or a particular form spectacle. However, in some cases it is truly important to take after a specific control of design, with the goal that we look great and feel great too. As it were, some of the time excellence is recently more that what you are from within as it mirrors its light on what you wear all things considered.

A vintage dress holds a very special place in a woman’s heart. It is from a period when the society and the surroundings were undergoing a huge revolution and it caused a huge revelation in the fashion industries as well. People were being introduced to new cultures and heritage from different parts of the world. The concept of corsets and fluffy ball gowns became kind of obsolete as a new fashion statement etched into women’s heart in a permanent basis. The innovative style, the cuts, the classiness, the oozing charisma and royalty lured the women towards it and they were easily swayed by its astounding appeal. After that disclosure it walked a long way and step by step it has undergone a massive improvement to make itself the alluring topic of perpetual affection for the people who adores fashion.

The concept of vintage dress depicts two discrete impressions in our minds. One being a dress that actually belonged to the bygone era and somehow it survived all these years to become a priceless piece of antique. Another notion would be a dress that holds the style, charm, and the design of that time period when it was first introduced to the society. We consider a dress vintage when it is minimum twenty years old or more than that. A common idea about vintage dress that we mostly nurture is that, those dresses have to puffy and gorgeous with a lot of precious buttons, beautifully organized laces, bows, corsets and so on. But I would rather point out that it only requires one important feature that is highlighting you female traits and just make you look beautiful and feel pretty from the inside. There are a lot of online vintage shops all over United Kingdom which can provide you your desired piece of vintage attire without much effort of finding.

It is quite a tricky task to find or rather to choose a particular style from the lot because the genre of vintage dresses offers a huge range of designs and patterns. The popular designs which we mostly fawn over would be the signature A line dresses or which we like to call “the puffy one”, skaters, polka dots, halter necks, off shoulders, noodle straps, half sleeves, sleeveless etc. Materials like cotton, satin, laces, brocades, silks, nets give your desired piece of vintage clothing an ethereal dimension and women are mostly daft over it. The enticing concept of these vintage dresses has been making the women completely baffled as it revealed that it makes them look even better and absolutely nothing can meet their expectation like that. A very exciting fact is that, there are thousands of online vintage shops are available over World Wide Web and a lot of fascinating style and patterns of vintage dresses are available in there. You can also opt for a designer label suitable to your taste as they are also easy to get these days. So what are you waiting for? Grab a vintage dress today and embrace the gift of womanhood and steal the spotlight.

About Eco Friendly Clothing

Eco well disposed is about Sustainable design. It intends to make such material which can be bolstered regarding ecological dreams and strategies. These materials originate from natural or normal sources after that they are upcycled and reused. Many commend used to wear eco neighborly garments some of them are Natalie Portman and Gwyneth Paltrow embrace. Increment sought after whole organizations focused on maintainable garments.

The one thing that is not disputable that Evidently Eco Friendly Clothing is more Eco agreeable than typical design. These garments are not constrained to exceptional eco boutiques in the event that you will explore about these garments you will be shocked to realize that regular brands have more eco agreeable choices. For instance pants producer Levi’s advancing Water less denim items. These items are depicted to utilize less water amid the completing procedure, implying that they leave a lower affect on the circle. No one is so overwhelm who believes that Levi’s made this line due to the expanding expense of water and vitality, yet with essentially a little research you can purchase pants that were had with a lower effect on the earth.

Absolutely, the most eco-friendly clothes are made from recycled, upcycled or reclaimed objects. When you purchase accessories that are giving new life to items that otherwise would end up in a depot, you are making the most answerable and often fun fashion choice.

So the truth is that eco-fashion is more eco-friendly. But its not enough.

On the other hand It is true that eco-fashion is still just fashion! And the assumption of fashion is that you need to be fashionable. In order to be fashionable, you need to be “trendy”. And, of course, to be trendy you need to buy what is trendy and when it is trendy.

Eco-fashion may be more censurable about how materials are made and their impact on the sphere, but it is not more important to aware people that there is a limit of personal consumption. The nature of eco friendly companies is to make money and sell clothing and accessories and for that they need to convince people to buy them. The word needs to support global economy. So the ideal answer is.

The ideal solution is that you should aware what you are buying and are not trapping inside of a consumer cycle. A balance between fashion, overcoming a consumer and in environment can be a challenge

Why is Tag Heuer so Famous?

Label Heuer is an organization that has been in the watch making business for quite a long time. It produces watches, as well as plans them and additionally advertises them. The brand is outstanding for their watches, as well as for different adornments like cell phones and eyewear.

The Background

The organization is as normal a Swiss watch making organization. It was essentially established in the year 1860 and from that point it had been a mogul in the watchmaking business.

The organization is notable for its exactness, astounding plans and advertising promulgations. In the present circumstances, the organization predominantly fabricates models, for example, Link, Formula One, Carrera, Grand Carrera and Aquaracer and Monaco.


Being India’s most famous actor is a lot of pressure. Making the right choices and staying on top is an everyday fight. Like TAG Heuer, Shah Rukh Khan keeps reinventing himself and never cracks under pressure.

Unknown Facts

In the summer of 1920, Tag Heuer had been the official watchmaker of 3 summer Olympics. It has been associated with the Sport world as well as Hollywood. The ambassadors of the brand had hailed both from the international sports arena and the Hollywood.


Have you ever heard of watch movement that is regulated by belts rather than the little gears inside a watch? If not, then you really need to think in a different way. With the Monaco series, your conception of gear movement will change forever.


The Carrera Calibre 360 model happens to be the first of its kind to have the ability to measure 1/100 of a second. The Monaco 69 model flaunts both traditional movement as well as a digital chronograph, which is accurate to millisecond. It also has a hinged mechanism which allows the watch to have two dials at once.

Collaborated Designer

Nowadays, the main architect or one can say the main designer of the watches of Tag Heuer is none other than Christoph Behling. The collaboration of both Tag Heuer and this eminent designer has made it possible to present the fastest Chronograph to the world, which was officially launched in the year 2012.


Why would one buy Tag Heuer? The question is pretty simple and even the answer is simpler. First of all, the company has a reputation that walks before its name. Second of all, the watch making company designs its watches keeping in mind that it does not react to any external magnetic field and even to shocks of all kinds.

Battery Life

The battery life of Tag Heuer is commendable, with each having a two year life time. The quartz movement working on these batteries are accurate and precise with perfection.

The company has received many awards in the international arena. In the year 2010, they went on to receiving the La Petite Aiguille award that too in the Grand Prix of de Geneva. No matter what, you will always find this company to harbour the best watches every year.

Right Dealers

It is best if you buy the Tag Heuer watches from authorized dealers as it will help you in getting the right material without getting deceived. It is a company that requires no introduction and there is no end to its immense qualities. You will find each of its watches to be awarding in their own sense.

Cat Eye Sunglasses vs Wayfarer Sunglasses

Fashionistas are conceived when they begin wearing Wayfarer and Cat Eye Sunglasses or visa versa. One ought to go for any of the style as per their facial components and the method for conveying design. The most ideal approach to pick a casing is by picking the opposite state of your face, as on the off chance that you have a square face, go for the cycle one. Along these lines, the face, get most extreme consideration by highlighting the elements. The real highlight that segments the two is that Wayfarers Sunglasses for Women are regular to both men and ladies however Cat Eye only speaks to feminity. Wayfarers are known for the tense design by both men and ladies, however Cat eye underlines the sensitive jaw-line of ladies.

Wayfarer sunglass was designed by the American optical designer Raymond Stegeman from Ray-Ban and that has now become one of the style symbol of the whole world. This style of sunglasses too has gone through a rough time during the past 60 years where a lot of other styles have come on board. It has a horizontally long brow frame which is mostly framed in square or round shapes with a mix of chic and classy look. Nevertheless, you can never deny the fact that these Wayfarers are here to stay.

 Cat eye Sunglasses for Women on the other hand have an upsweep at the outer edges of the arms and it joins the frame front. This style of sunglasses was popularized by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna since 1950’s. It was worn by the most fashionable ladies in town and its popularity raised even more in the years of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. This quirky sunglasses reminds us the 70’s vintage fashion completely and how stylish things were back then. In the modern times, cat eye sunglasses have manier versions starting from larger frames and the smaller ones with the range of color palettes in it. The pointed edges is what stays and creates the edges to give it the name of a fierce cat eye.

Contrast is completely in trend these days and therefore, you can easily team up your gorgeous Wayfarer shades with a maxi dress or a girly floral dress with a half jacket. Though both Cat eyes and Wayfarers look great with bottom-heavy face shapes as Round, Triangular or Square face types. To make any bold statement, you can go for the Cat eye shades but to go on a casual brunch with some of your gigs, team things up with Wayfarer sunnies. Sunglasses for Women online offer you a wide range of both Cat eye and Wayfarer sunglasses, so choose wisely which suits you well.


Tips to Buy Ladies Handbags

Do you wear your handbags to its outright demise or would you say you are partial to changing handbags after like clockwork of utilization? In the event that you are a “bagaholic” young lady or ladies who gives a great deal of significant worth to your few adored handbags , men or other ladies in your family or companion’s circle may discover your fixation on pack peculiar. All things considered, it is a truth all around recognized that each mold adoring lady imparts an interminable relationship to delightful or imaginative women totes or totes. It is one design frill they can’t manage without.

Diverse ladies see handbags with alternate points of view. For some they are utilities to hold fundamental things while they are in a hurry and for others they are must have design enhancements to supplement garments closet. Trust it or not, explanation satchels can help you to take the show at better places or events. Nowadays, women can either get them from internet shopping sites or pick the routine method for shopping at physical retail establishments. When buying a handbags, one must consider all the best accessible sources to purchase great quality handbags, best case scenario costs. You should discover a place that fulfills you with wide range of styles, outlines, hues and examples.

Factors that govern the choice of right handbags

The key to get a perfect handbag is to keep your body type in mind. The thumb rule to choosing the right handbag is to buy handbags in opposite shape to your body type. It makes sense to try the handbag in the dressing room when a shopper purchases handbags. You must check it from different angles to make sure it suits your body type.

If you have a slim or tall frame, go for wider bags like hobo bags for a balanced look. Bags with short straps will make your look taller and thinner. Women with petite bodies must try to avoid oversized bags as they will make you look fat and short. A large, structured handbag, or even a boxy handbag to help balance the wearer’s curves are the best choices of those who wear plus-sized clothing. Small bags will make oversized women heavier. So, they are a total no-no.

Buy handbags online

Today’s online shopping websites display numerous gorgeous handbag options in an organized way to help shoppers select the best ones according to their needs or choices. Some of these online sellers showcase great purses online that are created by famous designers. Shoppers can make their purchases during online shopping sales that is – end of the season sale or other discounted offers that are a regular occurrence at these web shops.

Choose from endless variety online

Ladies can find perfect functional bags, bags for evening parties, weddings or other celebrations, iconic bags that can give perfect finishes to your casual or formal look online. There exists a bag for every mood and occasion online. So ladies, get shopping and give an edge to you stylish look with this trendy fashion accessory.

Normal vs Designer Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses otherwise called to be exhibitions or glasses are casings holding focal points to be worn before the eyes for vision upgrade. There are a few sorts of eyeglasses that secures against high or low light or radiation or flying trash. Particular eyeglasses are additionally utilized for survey particular visual data or there are numerous which can be worn basically for to look breathtaking and sufficiently stylish. Have you ever asked why your companions call you “four looked at companion”? Purchase men eyeglasses that are hip and happening and dispose of that term until the end of time.

It is a steady weight nowadays to look picture flawless and work substantial in the meantime. How might we oversee both? Yes, we can. Eyeglasses are intended to secure our eyes, yet in the event that can offer us significantly more elements than that, it is not the correct choice to turn it down. Individuals don’t simply just call you ‘four looked at’ however there is a reason. At the present day and time, we jump at the chance to keep things one stage ahead constantly and along these lines, our eyeglasses are impeccably cool when mixed with some extraordinary outline. Mens planner eyeglasses give you striking styles to the most recent patterns to front line innovations which are best for you. The glasses come in hues which can without much of a stretch mix with any of the suits or T-shirt you wear for your next trip.

Designer glasses offer you tailor made glasses that style you uniquely without getting to be called as a stereotype. They provide you the luxury to explore your brighter sides which you never knew existed and makes you much more confident than ever. Timelessly edgy with a modern tint to it, the sensibilities lie both on the quality and its effortless charm. Buy men eyeglasses that will let you fly around and express yourself keeping a curious attitude to it. Designer eyeglasses are very well made with particular specifications according to the different measures like face-cuts, personality, grooming, etc.

While you think, there are various reasons to opt for designer glasses than the normal ones. The normal glasses are cheap, but designer glasses are far more superior in looks. The normal ones are good for rough usage and on the other hand, designer spectacles provide you with an extra boost of confidence and glamour quotient. As the designer eyeglasses are made by designers, it has to be much easier to use and carry wherever one wants. They do not only give you the perfect look, but the perfect fit as well. These are pretty much costly though once you wear a pair, you get totally addicted. It will let you portray, however you want to be and yet look the coolest one in the crowd. So rush and Buy men eyeglasses and make yourself happy for taking something worth the price.

Lace Flower Girl Dresses

In reality as we know it where innovation has changed the way individuals get things done and pay for things, one thing that has stayed unaltered is the dressing design. Better believe it! Individuals have begun purchasing things on the web yet every one of them are as yet running behind the old threadbare dresses and benefit as much as possible from it.

You can simply spot individuals wearing the old styled long and frilly dresses at consistently and look truly changed each time they wear it. Individuals of the contemporary world have built up an alternate sort of style and certainty and they lean toward wearing garments that makes them can rest easy and not something that makes them uncomfortable but rather excellent at outside.

It is about being agreeable and feeling sure and individuals from around the globe appears to take after a similar worldview. Right now is an ideal opportunity to be style you and look truly cool at the gatherings and at the wedding. Bind adherent young lady dresses are a standout amongst the most well known dresses in the contemporary market and individuals from the remotest corners of the world are making the best utilization of these dresses.

Some of the top dresses you can select from for the upcoming parties and the house warming ceremonies are listed here:

  • Cute and Unique Flower Girl Dresses : if you are one of those unmarried and pretty girls then this cute and unique flower girl dresses should be your dressing poison for the upcoming season. You are going to look really pretty and hot in these dresses. People are going to eye you and will try to make moves to impress you.
  • Long lacy dresses : long and lacy dresses are never going to go out of fashion because they are known to provide people with the best of comfort and also with the requisite style. People love watching girls and pretty ladies roaming around in lacy dresses. You should make the most of this opportunity and impress the man you would like to get married to. These dresses are going to take care of your style and will also add up a unique charm to your personality.
  • Black dress : black dresses are never going to go out of fashion. You should always keep one of these in your wardrobes. When your senses fail to find the perfect dress for you, you should go with the black dress. It is going to look really great on you; but at the end of the day Lace Flower Girl Dresses is simply the best choice.

You will have to understand your style and the type of personality you posses in order to look really great in everything you wear. You will have to identify the best of everything and look really pretty and charming at all the upcoming parties.

There are going to be some people looking for pretty girls, this is your chance to find the perfect life partner for yourself, do not let this chance slip out of your hand.

Fashion Trends That Never Make a Comeback

Playing around with apparel, making new patterns and finding new looks and methods for wearing things has gradually made mold something of a work of art. In spite of the fact that there are some mold slants that have persevered through, for example, an all around fitted match of denim pants and the little dark dress, there are some design things that truly need to remain away. Here they are (do whatever it takes not to recoil):

Men tying sweaters around their necks

Famous in the 80s and mid 90s, this style had men putting a (normally pastel-shaded) sweater over their shoulders and afterward tying the arms of the sweater over their trunk. This one gets a major no, unless you need to resemble a preppy nation club pretender with no mold sense. Either wear the sweater, or get rid of it – there is no in the middle.

Baggy jeans

Yes, similar to the ones you saw Eminem wearing in his first music video. The ones that are so loose, you are left considering how on earth these men aren’t strolling with their jeans around their lower legs. Also, how about we not overlook the chains dangling in favor of these pants. Denims aren’t the main guilty party of this shocking 90s prevailing fashion; loose khaki and armed force jeans were extremely popular as well. Which drives us to…

Army / camo prints

In the mid-90s, women were walking around channelling their inner female soldier spirit animal. The result was really tight tops and t-shirts in army prints, baggy pants in khaki prints… we won’t go on, because the mental image is just too painful. Wearing camo prints meant that you never needed a stain remover product because another spill just looked like another blotch on your ‘badass’ outfit.

Trucker caps

These were all the rage in the early 2000s. Why? We’ll never know. Maybe men (and women alike) were trying to look like they could bust a rhyme at any given time, or take a giant 18-wheeler for a spin? Studded, and usually with loud logos on them, trucker caps didn’t make anyone look as cool as they felt, trust us!

Jelly Babies

We’re sure that you hung your head in shame after you read that. Yes, jelly babies – and we’re not talking about the sweets. We’re talking about those transparent, clunky shoes that have all been buried somewhere in the 90s where they need to firmly stay. Forever.

Platform shoes

The ones that make you look and feel like you are standing on a really, really tall block of plastic. Yes, you were trying to look like a Spice Girl – but these ankle breakers are best left exactly where they came from – gone and buried in the 90s, just like the Spice Girls’ careers. (No offence intended – all girls loved the Spice Girls back then! Girl power!)

Jeans with the waistband cut off

Yup, so that the only thing holding the jeans up was the zip. The waistband was put there for a reason! Mariah Carey loved this trend. Worn with only a triangle bikini top, of course.


Tie-dye anything. For some reason, this fashion trend came back from the 60s and splashed itself in an array of faded colours all over the laid-back 90s ‘fashionistas’. If you ever see tie-dye, grab a good liquid detergent and stain remover and try restore that garment back to plain white – or at least one colour, like it should be.

Sports-chic anything

Don’t look like you’re going to gym, unless you’re actually going to gym.

Neckties as belts

People actually did this. Do people even wear actual belts anymore?

Super shiny disco-style halter tops

These ones came in the style of a handkerchief. Celebs such as Tara Reid and particularly Sarah Michelle Gellar used to love these tops. Nope. Just nope.

Wearing a dress with jeans

Preferably with bellbottom denims. Another firm nope.

Velvet tracksuits

Unless you’re Snooki from Jersey Shore, and still living in the early 2000s, this is an absolute no-go. Wearing a velvet tracksuit screams trashy.

Pedal pushers

These pants had the potential to be well-fitted and amazing, but instead they made the best body look like it came with a horrible pair of legs. Pedal pushers often came in camo or khaki colours. Lovely! (Note the sarcasm).

There you have a list of some of the most cringe-worthy fashion trends of the last few decades. Let’s hope that they stay exactly where they came from, and that we can carry on enjoying all of the gorgeous fashion that adorns our runways today. But who knows? You may just be reading a list like this about our current fashion in the not-too-distant future.

Fashionable Sunglasses

Ladies are exceptionally specific to be styled properly for each season and event and shades being their most loved extra, they are critical. All things considered, we as a whole revere the individuals who acknowledges the significance of shielding their eyes from UV beams, yet for this situation, we should pardon them when ladies wear shades even during the evening to be prepared and legitimate. With a wide assortment of styles like customary round edges or feline eyes, Buy ladies shades that offer a blend of many edges in one. As experimentation can prompt to uniqueness, things being what they are, what superior to explore different avenues regarding the correct style?

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

With the autumn coming in and all your exams getting over, this frame is the perfect way to celebrate. It has a fun heart-shaped frame with mirrored glasses offered in various colors, this will suit all your funky dress and style.

Frankie Sunglasses

This sunglass is inspired by the vintage frames with round frames, the corners are little stretched out in a cool way. The vibrant colors are what highlights the most and therefore many of the celebrities and most models tend to wear these frames most often.

Neo Noir

These glasses are sheer high-street fashion and are known for their designer outlook. The tortoise-shell frames and the mirrored lenses just go hand in hand while talking about this particular frame. Buy women sunglasses and you never know, you might be seen as the next celebrity in town.

Contrast Rim Aviator

If you are an aviator lover though want to try something new, here is your pair. This contrast of tinted lens and frame will solve all your problems and let you pair up with any of the western outfits you want. You can make a fashion statement with minimal accessories and make-up.

Daisy Sunglasses

This pretty and funky pair will set the playful mood of your party. With its eye-catching design and color, it will be the coolest accessory in the crowd. The flower frame will set the mood and the lens will make you look even funkier than ever.

Round Metal

Round Metal is though quite similar to the round frames, but what makes it stand out is the metal framing which goes absolutely dashing with the mirrored-lens treatment. It is a polarized type that comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Beaumont Walnut Frame

It is one of a kind as the classy sunglass into your collection with the half metal and half walnut pair. Being a polarized lens, it gives you complete UV protection and the frames are handcrafted which makes it even more authentic to look at.

D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

The elegant pastel colors in these frames do half of the magic and as the autumn is coming from, it is the best option you can cling on to. It gives you the look of a square frame, hence with a tint of funk and class. So, whenever you are planning to throw a party, don’t forget to put it on.


Women Luxury Handbags

A definitive 21st century protest of craving – Handbags are not only for supermodels and famous people, but rather for ladies from varying backgrounds. To add to the current reasons of feel, gifting, vanity and workmanship, they’ve turned into an interesting outward explanation of a lady’s status, mold wise and winning force – and the rising fame of shoulder packs for ladies in the course of recent years has taken after the expanding social freedom of their proprietors.

Ladies who purchase creator packs with their own cash frequently buy it as a reward to themselves for buckling down, commending a breakthrough, or even simply ‘retail treatment’. Some do it because of compulsion. Some consider packs to be love. Some consider it to be qualification. The truly fascinating cases are of ladies who purchase these shoulder sacks online with the largesse of others.

Extravagance totes gets a great deal of comfort. What’s more, IT IS ECONOMIC! You may ask how? What’s more, the reason is – you can convey a similar extravagance purse for quite a long time and infrequently would anybody scrutinize your closet. It implies class – notwithstanding when the sack you convey is not an easily recognized name, the calfskin quality that sparkles, says it all! Besides, totes are body-sort inclination free. Regardless of what your size is, there will dependably be a sack for you.


Many years ago, women were restrained from doing any work outside home and all their belongings were preserved in a purse hidden into the folds of their clothes. Over time, women started leaving home for various reasons like leisure and work. That’s when the use of bags became a necessity to carry their possessions around. Women started getting exposed to the outside world through meeting new people, travelling across the globe, which led to an explosion in the popularity of fashionable luggage out of which modern leather handbag was designed. As an when, women gained independence, this industry gained incredible growth due to an increase in demand for fashionable accessories.

The feeling of owning the ‘IT’ bag goes far deeper than just a mode of carrying things around. It portrays a mix of revealing and concealing representing the privacy of the owner. It contains the survival kit required on a daily basis – from mobile phones, make-up, money and keys, laptops, chewing gums, important cards, and more. Hence, the ingredients remain mystic.

For most women, carrying a handbag around has become a necessity which they cannot miss before leaving

the house. Hence, they make sure their shoulder bags stand out from the crowd.


It is all about investing in your lifestyle needs in sync with your desire. It’s hard not to crave a new handbag every season, but finding the right one is surprisingly personal and often a difficult task. From totes to clutches, consider this your education for when you inevitably embark on a hunt for the perfect bag for you.

If you don’t have time, energy, or resources to switch your bag with every outfit, look for a versatile bag in shades of black and tan, as they go with everything! Even metallics, nudes, and shades of white are fresher alternatives.

If you are in mood for basic clothing most days, it is better to invest in pop-up shades like yellow, red and pink. Bright bags add life to toned-down looks!

If you travel everyday for long hours and need more items to carry, invest in bigger tote bags. A piece that’s overstuffed, looks sloppy. Fill up a large bag to carry along with your regular purse. Better yet, stash your smaller bag in it.

Invest in a bag which is relative to your size. If you are petite, don’t carry something you could fit in; instead choose something small to medium. If you are tall and broad, a wee bag will look out of proportion. Try one that’s large or oversize.